Encrypt your private information before it touches the Internet. From legal documents to cash register receipts – be certain that the companies you do business with are safeguarding your on-line privacy.

Cloudfeet accounts are used to send private information between account holders.

When you log-in to your Cloudfeet account, you’ll find your documents neatly organized into folders labeled with the sender’s name.

Log-in. Click on a folder. Your important information is all there: important information like legal documents, tax returns, account statements and receipts. All encrypted. All safe.

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Protect Your Data!

Want to be sure your data is safe? Be certain that every document you send and every document sent to you over the Internet is FULLY encrypted before it touches the Internet. Ask the companies you do business with to use Cloudfeet when sending YOUR information over the Internet. Insist on two-way encryption: from sender to recipient, and back again.

How It Works

Documents are securely sent between Cloudfeet accounts in individually-labeled folders which can be branded with your company logo or personalized with your custom graphics. Every document sent to your private Cloudfeet account is automatically filed in the sender's unique folder – you don’t have to do a thing to stay organized!

Affordable Security

Personal accounts for consumers start at just $1.99 per month and Cloudfeet for Business™ accounts start at just $29.95 per month. Each includes unlimited encrypted document sharing and generous GBs of encrypted storage. Plus, Cloudfeet for Business accounts include a menu of business and marketing features designed to showcase your company. Doing business with a Cloudfeet for Business subscriber? They can activate a FREE account for you!